Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Isn't he cute? So meticulously rendered, too. That's why I've chosen him and his friends to star in a sheet I've just started work on. It will be done...eventually.

I just counted and it turns out I'm working on ten new sheets for my shop. That doesn't include new formats for image collections I've already listed (like when I do circles and then do squares, etc). Working on so many sheets at once means I don't finish any of them right away. It isn't profitable for me or gratifying for customers who are looking for new images. But it's good for the work. Know what I mean? When I get stuck on the best way to do something, or get bored staring at the same set of images, it's good to switch to a different sheet and work on that one for awhile.

All images are high resolution and free for your use. Please don't add them to digital collections for resale. Click below to visit my shop!

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