Wednesday, November 2, 2011

These Are for Luck

Look at this lovely French dressing-screen. Who could it belong to? Maybe the lady in the next image. She looks like she just stepped out of a George Barbier fashion plate because she is, in fact, a George Barbier fashion plate.

There's nothing inherently lucky about these images, but I'm posting them for luck. I just need a little luck right now - the feeling that someone's got my back, keeping me in their good thoughts, and cheering me on a bit. You know? Things aren't bad but I just need that little boost.

So please accept these little gifts from me and direct a kind thought my way as you download them. As always they are large, high resolution and yours to enjoy free as long as you don't add them to digital collage sheets for resale. That's my gig. :)

All images are high resolution and free for your use. Please don't add them to digital collections for resale. Click below to visit my shop!

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