Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Dreaded Spinning Beach Ball of Death

It's what you see on Mac OSX when an application isn't responding: a whirling little rainbow ball, so cheerful. When you see it spinning for Finder, it's chilling.

Today I had to force repeated hard starts before I discovered that the problem isn't the computer but the external hard drive. Whew. I mean, eeek! The external hard drive where I keep bajillions of images stored with only limited backup because I ran out of space? Now I'm frantically skimming the internet to see if I should buy even bigger storage or just store online. Not that online servers don't fail...

Is there a patron saint of digital storage who can protect my precious cache? Maybe these pretty cherubs will watch over things. They are a detail from an old lithograph that was embellished with German scrap.

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