Wednesday, August 24, 2011

For Lovers of Stained Glass

Among the most popular images I offer in my shop are those of stained glass. The royalty-free photos I prefer to use are richer and more detailed than drawn designs, but art is beautiful too. These images (approx. 1.5" each) come from an old catalog of glass designs.

Also very popular are my Sacred Heart images in a wide selection of sizes and shapes. I'm always on the lookout for more, and like to alter some of the black and white images I find to offer you exclusive designs you won't anywhere else. I'm working on an intriguing sheet of mystical heart illustrations scanned from very old books. It'll be awhile before it's done - I try a lot of different effects before I'm satisfied, and have been known to change sheets even after they've been listed awhile - but the original images are very unusual so it should turn out really cool. :)

All images are high resolution and free for your use. Please don't add them to digital collections for resale. Click below to visit my shop!

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